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Roshtein Fake

65k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ROSHTEIN (@roshtein). What do you think? Roshtein is just a fake channel, or the perhaps even with the casino? I Think Fake! Roshtein - FAKE and commercial project multilotto! However, you need to realise that casino streaming is a profitable niche you can earn huge money with affiliate links and Roshtein is one of the most popular.

Roshtein Fake Kanal auf Youtube

65k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ROSHTEIN (@roshtein). Gibt es einen Roshtein Fake Kanal auf Youtube? Wir sagen auf jeden Fall ja, denn Roshtein streamt nur auf Twitch, alles andere ist Fake! Casinos übergeben auch Fake-Casino-Accounts an die jeweiligen Streamer. euch nicht verarschen. Roshtein Streamer ist absolut FAKE.

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Roshtein Fake Confirmed Do you think that many streamers using fake money to stream casino? Gamed.De in zocken in Online Casinos. Ich denke daher eher Gkfx Europe, das dies Fake ist.

Vielleicht ist dir schon aufgefallen, lГsst sich aus Pfanner Pure Tea Netto Grund. - Why are Roshtein Fake casino streamer

Jokerboy, heute um Uhr. These are our thoughts and they have a right to Cozyno Casino. Anyone know any inside shit? We always recommend that the player examines the conditions and double-check the bonus directly on the casino companies website. Hat schon jemand die Clips gesehen in denen sich Roshtein selbst verraten hat das er mit Fake Money zockt? Habs heute auf Youtube. › was-haltet-ihr-von-dem-twitch-zocker-roshtein. ist roshtein einfach ein fake channel oder arbeitet der vielleicht sogar mit dem casino zusammen? danke fuer eure antwort:+1: Trempor UTC. What do you think? Roshtein is just a fake channel, or the perhaps even with the casino? I Think Fake! Roshtein - FAKE and commercial project multilotto!
Roshtein Fake Roshtein, one of the most popular gambling streamers, uses a to reward his viewers for watching his streams. Users can log into the site using their Twitch account to earn one point for every 10 minutes of viewing, and Roshtein's "big wins" (of over times his bet) nets viewers 5 points. Is ROSHTEIN fake? By pillzandskillz, July 31, in Off Topic. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. pillzandskillz pillzandskillz Advanced. To answer the question Is Roshtein Fake? there are many allegations and people are putting forward their arguments noticing the flaws during his streams which yet to be confirmed. It is believed that, he is associated with the casino he plays on and plays with non-withdrawable money. Roshtein – FAKE and commercial project multilotto! Playing only at the casino money, it is not getting any benefits, except for the referral! Tell him to deceive people is not good. is not responsible for incorrect information on bonuses, offers, or promotions listed on the website. recommends that the player reviews all the terms and conditions of all bonuses listed on the Casino’s website.

There are some reasons why that guy increases a wave of hate. And the first one is that people envy him. From the first look, it seems so easy — just take a webcam, turn it and spin a slot with some comments.

But it is a real hard promo and self-improving work that leads to great success. That fact gave other gamblers a reason to claim that Roshtein fake money amount both on his general and demo accounts was sponsored by a casino and the streamer is making fake spins to promote N1 casino.

The next video was shot merely at the beginning of And here Roshtein while playing the Mahjong 88 slot was also getting additional spins but not three but twelve at once.

Here the game process was held step by step so the streamer only by his sixth additional spin began to get a considerable winning.

And the last three spins have multiplied his winning thrice. Each video shows a real delight and stormy emotions that Roshtein translates while playing so we cannot say that he is playing a role.

Except he is a genius actor worth Academy Award at least. Summing up, we can say the following. They are choosing to watch a gambling stream.

If Paul and bandit earn money from affiliates big deal use choose to put your money in the sites. Have you seen Paul's spins if he didn't get alone sort of affiliate or bonus then that would not be possible.

Your post made me think, casinos are supposed to support responsible play but they are being represented by people like Roshtein doing crazy stakes all day.

An affiliate should be an extension of the casino and uphold their values surely? The casinos are the ones who allow this to happen and people like Roshtein are just cashing in.

He's an immoral fuck for sure but the casinos he represents are just as bad, if not worse. I don't think it's fake money but he is defo on some sort of crazy deal.

Perhaps getting back his losses? I don't like the guy he creeps me out so I don't watch him but each to their own. He's like Trump, he gets small loans of a million dollars.

So you know something then mate. He has made a lot of money by scamming not only viewers but multilotto. The word in the industry now is that no one wants to work or make deals with him because he never deposits real money and only demands fake money.

A lot of streamers have set ups with casinos and makes deals which makes it possible for them to play longer, which is understandble.

But he plays with money which he gets a little procentage of, but all the big winnings are not his to keep.

Which in my opinion is just unfair to all the other streamers that actually deposit and play. Would love some hard facts on this as well, as we think his way of business discredits legitimate gambling streaming.

Considering multilotto let me sign up, deposit and lose loads freely. Without having a required ukgc licence at the time says a lot about them tbh.

You have to give the guy credit! Which other streamers have gone to the bother of composing their own them tune, even if it is a self-absorbed pile of garbage Was funny tho!

Until i see a backstatment with a withdraw proof of a cashout exact numbers on bank and casino withdraw list , i don't belive any streamers even if they play with 0.

With home backing is easy to provide proof, just in 2 minutes. But no streamer provide that. We all do that on forums, etc.

We do that to get rid of scammers.. Why casino streamers don't do that? Stealing info? Come on, you can blur the trasaction number and it's enough.

I play in casino's almost every day for 6 years, online and outside casino's. I learn to not care about other peoples and their money.

It's no point! But i enjoy streams because of people, i see the new games before i play them, etc. This is quite funny that peeps are so possessed about who is playing real and who not.

In the end, what does it matter? You clearly don't watch very much if you think he has to click real play to play a slot.

Yes "everyone" thinks he's fake now, uhuh. May I ask why you come to the forums to troll and spout nonsense when you've been watching for "a long time"?

Why do you even watch if you're so convinced it's all fake? If you want to play real you click real but he has only showed us him clicking demo and his money showed up and go on YouTube and type roshtein fake and watch it you can clearly see he clicks demo and his body language clearly changes and these are facts not accusations.

For asking if they were viewbots? Not in the stream, not in the forums. The chat log seems to show a classic and very, very tiresome "but I'm just asking a question" narrative where the end result has already been chosen and no might in the world will change it.

Between the usage of the laugh-cry emotes, their general behavior and the username, I think the user is actually 12 years old.

This is not a place for year olds, so out you go. Stream Discussions Search In. Start new topic. Do these people even have morals?

Seems not. As long as they can milk money out of the vunerable as quick as possible thats all they care about.

Most of these streamers are NOT even real gamblers but just people that jumped on the bandwagon when they realised how easy a quick buck could be made.

Thats what really pisses me of when they try advise the viewer about casinos and slots when they themselfs have no clue what there talking about.

Its obvious to spot the gamblers who stream compared to the scam artists that put on an act to fool viewers to fatten there pockets.

I can see it a mile away within minutes of watching them. Just my 2 cents! ChopleyIOM said:. Yes I've seen that video, but for completeness I'd like to see the exact steps that Roshtein performed be replicated.

If needs be I'll sign up to the casino myself and test it. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

Because you can't do diddly squat without having been registered!

Also I don't believe that the most popular slot streamer is using fake money to gain money and followers. I believe that would be illegal as well. If he is however and someone finds out he would be in alot of trouble. 1 Obviously EVERYONE blaming Roshtein don't know how it is to stream and have the whole chat come around like that. Roshtein – Fake casino streamer. Meet me, in the meantime, more and more often on Youtube in the Video proposals. I have now watched some of his Videos, don’t understand all of it (because in English) but since gross profits are real. Is ROSHTEIN fake? By pillzandskillz, July 31, in Off Topic. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. pillzandskillz pillzandskillz Advanced Member; Members; . I just tuned in a few days agoblew like 5k in 20 minutes? Speculating of course, thinking out loud. Foster Crawly says:. Log in. Yes "everyone" thinks he's fake now, uhuh. Share this post Link to post Share on other Bitcoin Games. From the first look, it seems so easy Hopa Bonuscode just take a webcam, turn it and spin a slot with some comments. Thank you! At the moment you have limited access to view most discussions: you can't make contact with thousands of fellow players, affiliates, casino reps, and all sorts of other riff-raff. This is for people who are clueless. He logged on and showed thst balanced was real for real and play for play. He gets ruffly 4. But Tvtotal Poker streamer provide that.
Roshtein Fake


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